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Dynacor’s ProcessLMS learning management system and team of eLearning specialists are ready to help you bring your content to an online format for any device. Let us capture your instructor-led training on video and work together to custom develop and deliver courses using video, documents, or PowerPoints with the capability of tracking user completions.

General Features
  • Intuitive interface/experience
  • Learn from anywhere (cloud based)
  • HTML5 and compatible with tablet devices
  • SCORM compatible (third party authoring)
  • Personalized learner communication
  • System is branded with company logo
  • Learners can resume where they left off
  • Custom system integrations (CRM, HRIS)
Tracking Features
  • User groups/units (external and internal)
  • Printable and downloadable certificates
  • Customized training path/profile
  • Third party certificates
  • Group learner registration
Reporting Features
  • Learner and administrator dashboard
  • Flexible administrator search and filtering
  • Export and download user reports in Excel format
General Features
Tracking Features
Reporting Features

With Process LMS™, Dynacor provides a single system that removes the insecurity of not knowing.

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Security Comes From Knowing
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