NOVA Chemicals:
In-Line Blinds Operator Training

Industry: Petrochemical
Region: Joffre, Alberta
Employees: 700
Live Since: 2015


  • Instructional design
  • Video, 3D animation, and graphics
  • UI/UX
  • Interactive activities
  • Knowledge checks
  • Final exam

The Opportunity

NOVA Chemicals had been experiencing issues with its in-line blind training. The PowerPoint presentation and manufacturer-provided documentation were not effectively communicating the proper and safe method of swinging a blind and it had several recorded incidents that justified changes.

NOVA identified this as an opportunity to engage their learners and chose interactive procedure-based eLearning rather than the detail-heavy technical usage manuals.

The Solution

Working closely with NOVA SME’s, Dynacor developed an interactive course delivered on the Dynacor LMS. It features engaging content presented with video demonstrations of procedure steps, operator interviews, incident reviews, and 3D animations of blind mechanics.

Knowledge checks and an interactive activity ensure that operators understand the technical information needed to perform the task, are aware of the associated hazards, and know the order of operations to swing a blind safely and efficiently.

In-Line Blinds Operator Training example picture 1
In-Line Blinds Operator Training example picture 2

The Result

NOVA Chemicals has run 85% of their operators through the course. NOVA has been very pleased with these results and plans more eLearning projects with Dynacor in the future.

The “In-Line Blinds Operator Training” earned a 2016 Bronze International Telly Award for training.

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