Alberta Motor Association Membership:
Training for Employees

Industry: Auto & Driving Memberships
Region: Alberta
Live Since: 2013


  • Instructional design
  • Video, animation, and graphics
  • Interactive activities
  • Knowledge checks
  • Final exam

The Opportunity

AMA has developed new Membership Training Content which they want to be delivered electronically as eLearning and hosted on their LMS.

AMA needs their employees to better understand the importance memberships have in the lives of its members, especially since the service offerings of AMA has grown considerably over time.

The eLearning program needs to give each AMA employee a heightened awareness of how memberships can help meet the wide spectrum of needs AMA members and prospective members have. The objective of this program is to understand all the offerings AMA has and connect them to the needs of AMA members to retain and sell memberships that fit the lives of their customers.

The Solution

To support this initiative, Dynacor Media created a fun and engaging eLearning program that takes each employee on a journey of discovery. An AMA-branded interactive interface was designed with a linear learning pathway that includes a knowledge component, an interactive exercise to guarantee knowledge transfer, and delivery methodology that motivated a change in attitude and encouraged emotional connections.

Avatars were a large component to this program, providing instruction to the learner. The avatar is present throughout all modules to add instructional assistance and guidance to the learners.

Customer Profile Building example picture 1
Customer Profile Building example picture 2

In our search for a vendor we were looking for someone who could share our vision, offer creative ideas and design a solution for us on time and on budget. Not only did Dynacor do that, they were also great to work with. To a person, every employee that we worked with was responsive, personable, creative and client focused.

It was a great experience. I hope you’ll find the same.

Jennifer Hesby | AMA | Manager Association Learning Programs
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