Experience Matters


For over 20 years, Dynacor has been telling our clients’ stories. Those stories have been about quality, compassion, safety, training, the environment — values that matter to everyone.

From our humble beginnings working out of a basement office, we’ve grown to a staff of more than fifteen people, working in mediums from interactive multimedia and eLearning to educational, government, and safety videos, from documentaries to mobile apps, and now, virtual reality.

Our approach is designed to ensure each intended audience is highly engaged. We consistently earn international awards for creative excellence in areas of education, safety, training, motivation, and more, giving us a solid reputation within our field.

Giving Back

Dynacor believes in the strength of small business. If you nurture an idea, communicate it effectively it can grow into something greater than the original. This is why we have been a platinum sponsor of TEC Edmonton's Venture Prize since 2005. We want to help Alberta small businesses succeed and excel.

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