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Companies are struggling to capture the attention of disengaged learners. Aging workforce knowledge needs to be retained. Organizations are forced to contend with rapid turnover, consuming onboarding and training resources. Competency is difficult and costly to measure.

Dynacor's unique approach merges high-quality content and competency testing with integrated tracking and reporting. Our learning management system, Process LMS™, makes delivery and administration simple and clear. Combined, our expert solutions help you overcome your learning challenges.

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We have been closely monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19. We have taken actions to mitigate the risk to our employees and clients, including the communities in which we live, while minimizing interruptions for our clients. We have put in place a response plan and have appointed a management committee that is responsible for developing the detailed recommendations and instructions to guide the organization on a daily basis.

We are closing our offices to the public with only essential staff working locally. All other staff members will be working remotely. The situation will be closely monitored, and we will make adjustments if and when required. There will be no expected impact to our business, and we will utilize teleconferencing/video conferencing tools to conduct client and project meetings. As the situation continues to evolve, we will re-assess and make the necessary adjustments to our business protocol.

Although the challenges presented by COVID-19 are unprecedented, so too is the level of mobilization. In our 26-year history, we have witnessed and withstood all manner of crises. The one truth to successfully navigating these is to remember and remind others that by taking care of each other, we will get through this, together.

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